Pharmacy First

About Pharmacy First

Pharmacy First offers you the chance to see your pharmacist without an appointment and if necessary, get the same medicines your doctor would have given you for the problems.

Your pharmacist is a qualified healthcare professional who can help with your health problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you are registered with a doctor and you are exempt from prescription charges. Babies less than 3 months old should always be treated by their GP.

If you go to any participating pharmacy, and ask to join the Pharmacy First scheme the staff will be pleased to help you. Look out for the Pharmacy First sticker on the door, or a poster in store.

The pharmacy staff will ask if you are exempt from prescription charges. If you are, then they will ask to see the evidence you would normally provide when you have a prescription from the doctor. They will then ask for your details, including your name, address, postcode, date of birth and the name of your doctor. All this information will be added to a voucher book.

You can also register all the eligible members of your family living at the same address as well. Once you have registered with a pharmacy you are then free to use any of the pharmacies in Birmingham

If you don’t currently pay for your prescriptions, then you will receive free medication/treatment.

Once you have registered, the pharmacist will talk with you and offer advice, and if appropriate treat you with the same medicines as your doctor would have chosen.

If you do not want to use Pharmacy First your surgery will make an appointment in the normal way.

The pharmacist will decide if they can treat you or whether you should see a doctor or nurse. If they think you need to see the doctor or nurse, the pharmacist will provide you with a referral slip for you to take to your surgery. This will indicate to your surgery that you have already been to the pharmacy, and the reason you have been referred to them.